Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Another missile defence shield test fails

According to BBC NEWS, "The first test in almost two years of the planned multi-billion dollar US anti-missile shield has failed. The Pentagon said an interceptor missile did not take off and was automatically shut down on its launch pad in the central Pacific...The Missile Defence Agency said an 'unknown anomaly' was to blame for the system shutting down... Wednesday's trial had been put off four times because of bad weather at launch sites and, on Sunday, because a radio transmitter failed. A Pentagon spokesman told Reuters news agency the test had not been tied to the question of when the national missile defence system would be declared operational."

Golly, I sure hope that terrorists and rogue nations have the consideration to only launch ballistic missiles at us when our weather is good, our radios are working, and we're not suffering any unknown anomalies.



Comment by Anonymous Anonymous:

However, you can be quite sure that the Ballistic Missile Defense program is doing very well at its primary mission: Siphoning dollars from taxpayers to the Military-Industrial Complex. Don't let little PR disasters faze you!

5:26 PM  

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