Thursday, January 13, 2005

A Programmer's Story

The Per Brinch Hansen Archive now contains an online edition of Per's memoirs, A Programmer's Story, which I found to be quite interesting. Per was heavily involved in much of the early work on systematizing operating systems and concurrent programming.

"This autobiography is the story of Brinch Hansen's professional life and his personal impressions of the birth of modern programming. He traces his school years, engineering studies, and the beginning of his career in Denmark. And he recounts his exciting and frustrating years as a researcher at Carnegie-Mellon, Caltech, USC, University of Copenhagen, and Syracuse University."

"He tells his story in nontechnical detail with candid anecdotes about computer pioneers he has known, such as Peter Naur, Jorn Jensen, Edsger Dijkstra, Niklaus Wirth, Tony Hoare, Ole-Johan Dahl, Alan Perlis, Nico Habermann, Jim Horning, Don Knuth, Charles Simonyi, Butler Lampson, Bill Wulf, Gordon Bell, Carver Mead, Ivan Sutherland, Seymour Ginsburg, Harlan Mills, Geoffrey Fox, Chuck Seitz, David May, Dennis Ritchie, and others."



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