Saturday, February 19, 2005

Computer surpasses California educational system

An article in the Watley Review, with tongue partly in cheek, celebrates a triumph, of sorts, of machine over man.

"California's education system has long been a source of woe for policymakers and California residents alike, with the state struggling to adequately sustain a system with over 6 million students while facing crippling deficits. However, after years of serious news and heated debates, a bright side has finally been found to the state's predicament. 'I am proud to announce that IBM Almaden has succeeded with a truly historic project: the creation of a sentient, artificial intelligence,' said Dr. Mark Dean, director of the Almaden Research Facility. 'And we owe it all to California's years of slipshod education, paradoxically enough.' "

"IBM says it has developed a computer program capable of passing the Turing test, which is generally regarded as the definitive determination of whether a machine can effectively simulate human behavior."



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