Friday, February 04, 2005

Inspector General: Computer Woes Hinder FBI's Work

A story in the Washington Post cites a new report by the Inspector General that goes beyond the Virtual Case File system to criticize the FBI's attempts to implement Trilogy, a three-pronged $581 million effort to upgrade outdated and cumbersome computer systems.

"The FBI is 'significantly hampered' in its ability to prevent terrorism and combat other serious crimes because of its continued failure to replace antiquated and inefficient computer systems, the Justice Department's chief watchdog said yesterday. A report by Inspector General Glenn A. Fine also found that poor planning and botched management were the main reasons that the FBI may have to scrap a $170 million computer upgrade that has not performed up to standards."

"The problems raise 'national security implications,' Fine wrote, because FBI agents and analysts are still unable to adequately share and search for information."

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