Wednesday, May 25, 2005

"Emergent Chaos" on fraud-by-impersonation

A good post by Adam Shostack. Here's a small excerpt:

The trickle of breach announcements that started with Choicepoint has grown to a stream. Soon, it will be a deluge, and it will change many things.

First, it will change the way credit is granted. Today, with a name and social security number, I may be able to get credit. If I add to that an address, phone number, or date of birth, I'm set. Some enterprising lawyer is going to look at the number of news articles around the fraud, the number of people whose personal information has leaked, and find a court that will agree that using only data that's been leaked like that is careless, and that the costs need to be shifted from the consumer onto the bank.

What will replace it will likely be a scoring based system, based on odds that you are you. Some people will suggest that a national ID card would help here, but they're wrong. Any single factor that is used to loan money will be attacked, because that's where the money is.



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