Saturday, August 13, 2005

Australian International University website

For all academics, former academics, students, and former students, this website repays close study. Truly, no university has previously managed to achieve all of these goals.

Thanks to Brian Randell for bringing it to my attention.

Rapacitas Bona Est

Updated March 20, 2008 to add: This website appears to have changed hands since I made this post. Use the Wayback Machine to see previous versions.

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Comment by Blogger MonicaO:

Actually this web site was selected for archiving by the National Library of Australia in 2005 and can be seen (and cited in perpetuity) at

It is also one of the web sites featured in our web archive:

We work in collaboration with the Internet Archive also to ensure the Australian web domain is captured in more depth at least once per year than would otherwise be the case.

3:44 PM  

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