Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Phishing: The scams proliferate.

A new report from the Anti-Phishing Working Group contains some discouraging data:
• Number of unique phishing reports received in December: 15244
• Number of unique phishing sites received in December: 7197
• Number of brands hijacked by phishing campaigns in December: 121
• Number of brands comprising the top 80% of phishing campaigns in December: 7
Country hosting the most phishing websites in December: United States
• Contain some form of target name in URL: 51 %
• No hostname just IP address: 32 %
• Percentage of sites not using port 80: 7 %
• Average time online for site: 5.3 days
• Longest time online for site: 31 days
Brian Krebs comments in the Washington Post.

Things are even worse than when I commented last May, and we can't even blame it on "those nasty East European criminals."

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