Monday, December 04, 2006

NIST recommends paper ballots
But TGDC chooses to disregard it.

Friday's post was hopeful. The National Institute of Standards and Technology produced a clear, cogent, and technically well-grounded set of recommendations on voting technology.

But the news today is disheartening. The Technical Guidelines Development Committee that advises the U.S. Elections Assistance Commission has chosen not to accept this advice.

Other committee members said the proposal created new problems, including new requirements for local governments that have already spent their funding from the U.S. government to update election equipment.
Of course, they got into the situation of spending their funding on untrustworthy systems by ignoring the overwhelming preponderance of advice from technical experts for the last several years.

Funding (or could it be vested interests?) trumps accurate vote counting. :-(

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And a cnet story.

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Comment by Anonymous Anonymous:

Today (5 Dec 2006) Michael Hickins, in an story, reports “Election Officials Adopt Compromise on Standards”:

"According to persons familiar with the situation, Rivest spent the evening lobbying members of the TGDC and crafted compromise language that was passed unanimously this morning."

1:42 PM  

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