Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Pentagon: Current Needs Outweigh Advances in Technology

A Washington Post article describes leaked information about the emerging defense budget. It doesn't make it clear whether the cuts are primarily in procurements, or also include research and advanced development. Pessimist that I am, I suspect the latter.

"Rising war costs and a stubborn budget deficit have forced the Pentagon to propose billions of dollars in cuts to advanced weapons systems, as the military refocuses spending from its vision of a transformed fighting force to the more down-to-earth needs of its ground troops."

"An internal defense budget document for fiscal 2006 shows a vivid shift of emphasis from procuring the weapons of the future to fighting the wars of the present, numerous defense analysts said yesterday. The Air Force and the Navy--once favored by Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld--would have to sacrifice some of their high-tech weapons development for the humble needs of the Army, such as tank treads and armor."

"Now, Adams said, Rumsfeld will no longer be able to 'have his budgetary cake and eat it, too.'"



Comment by Blogger Flamsmark:

personally, i find that last quote kinda drab.

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