Monday, January 17, 2005

Scientific Research Targeted in New Budget?

A post in the Computing Research Policy Blog, President Will Target "Scientific Research" in New Budget, Wash Times Says, suggests bad news ahead for basic research.

"Facing heat on the right for excessive spending, President Bush has apparently indicated he will provide a 'very tough' spending blueprint to Congress for FY 2006. In a commentary posted today, the Washington Times quotes members of the Administration saying the President will exert 'very, very strong discipline' on next year's spending.
'That discipline will be there big time,' [White House Chief of Staff Andrew] Card told business leaders.'"

"The Times is pretty specific in predicting the cuts:
Among the budget-cutting targets: the bloated Agriculture Department, corporate welfare, scientific research, housing, state and local giveaway grants, and other low-priority and no-priority programs that will be slashed or eliminated altogether."

"This is very disturbing news, not just because of the cuts it portends, but because the attitude on display in the article is a far cry from the very supportive language we've seen this Administration use in reference to the National Science Foundation and the rest of the federal basic research effort."



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