Friday, February 25, 2005

ChoicePoint's treatment of the public

An article in the San Francisco Chronicle sums it up in the lead:
"All you really need to know about data broker ChoicePoint is contained in letters the company is sending to thousands of consumers nationwide, including about 34,000 in California, affected by a huge security breach. The letters refer to 'crimes committed against ChoicePoint' and 'fraud against the company.' As to the fact that the names, addresses and Social Security numbers of nearly 145,000 people were released over a year's time to scammers operating behind fictitious businesses, ChoicePoint says it understands 'the inconvenience this incident may cause.'


Unless the author of the letter has been a victim of identity theft, as I have, I seriously doubt that they do understand the inconvenience they are causing.

Added: Just to rub a little salt in the wound, CNN reports that "The chairman and the president of ChoicePoint -- under fire for allowing phony businesses to buy access last fall to their database of personal information on consumers -- have between them sold almost 500,000 shares of company stock for a profit of $17.6 million since November, according to Securities and Exchange Commission filings... The trades began about three months before the company disclosed the breach."

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