Monday, March 14, 2005

Spyware interferes with NZ online banking

A Sydney Morning Herald story reports a problem in New Zealand.

"New Zealand's major banks have blocked access to internet banking for hundreds of customers because they say their computers are infected with a so-called 'spyware' program, it was reported on Friday. Westpac notified 1400 customers and three other banks, including the Bank of New Zealand, had also warned clients that they would not be able to do internet banking until their personal computers are cleaned up, the New Zealand Herald said. The spyware, created by the American company Marketscore, infects PCs when the user accessed certain websites, the paper said ... the banks were concerned about the impact on secure internet sessions when user names and passwords are keyed in. The paper quoted Westpac spokesman Paul Gregory as saying the spyware program, which disguises itself as part of a secure session and records it, was 'very clever'."

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