Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Cyber-Terrorism Analyst Warns Against Complacency

An eWeek article from the InfoSec World conference.

"Cyber-security and counterterrorism analyst Roger Cressey on Monday pleaded with IT executives not to underestimate the threat of 'national cyber-event' targeting critical infrastructure in the United States. During a keynote address at the InfoSec World 2005 conference here, Cressey warned against discounting the danger of the Internet being used in a terrorist-related attack. 'It may not be a terrorist attack, but a cyber-event is a very, very serious possibility. When it happens, it will have serious economic impact on our critical infrastructure.' Cressey, who served as chief of staff to the president's Critical Infrastructure Protection Board at the White House, said there was enough evidence that U.S. enemies were actively using the Web to recruit, organize and communicate terrorism activities."

Not news to those in the business. Many are wondering why there hasn't been a major attack yet...

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