Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Privacy Committee Stacked with Anti-Privacy Advocates

An article in eWeek by Jim Rapoza is scathing in expressing his opinion that the feds' Data Privacy and Integrity Advisory Committee isn't likely to safeguard data privacy or integrity.

"So here I am, head of a large corporation, and it's time for me to pick a few top people to help run the company. But who should I pick for key positions such as CFO and CIO? My first pick is Marty, a person who can't track or control his spending, who is completely clueless and unorganized about his finances. The next time he saves a dollar will be the first time he saves a dollar. I'm going to make him chief financial officer. And then there's Gail, who avoids using e-mail, a PC or anything technology-related and who in a company meeting famously stated that all technology is bad and that the company should return to pencil, paper and Day-Timers. She is, of course, the perfect candidate for chief information officer. OK, I know you think I may be nuts with these decisions, but I'm just following the example of one of the biggest organizations around -- namely, the U.S. government. Lately it seems as if the main qualification to get a top position in a government agency is to be completely opposed to the stated goal of that agency."

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