Thursday, December 14, 2006

How to report a problem to Google?

I'm getting peculiar behavior on my Google homepage:
Where I expect the text for the radio buttons to be
"Search the Web" and
"Search English, German, and Norwegian pages"
I get instead
"Clear with periodic rain later" and
"Search English Rain, snow in the evening German Rain, snow in the evening Norwegian pages."

I naively thought that Google might be interested in this behavior. But a fairly extensive exploration of their Help and Contact Us subsites yields a great deal of material directed to the Google user, but no means at all of contacting them, via either email or a Web form.

So I post here, in the hope that some reader either knows how to communicate to Google, or knows someone in the relevant part of Google.

Edited 12/1/06 to add: I just noticed that the problem was fixed sometime in the last few hours. I'll probably never know whether some Googler noticed the problem on their home page, or whether someone got a bug report in to Google somehow.



Comment by Blogger Stephen Weeks:

Cringely wrote a couple of interesting articles a while back showing
how Google treats their paying customers.

Good luck as a non-paying one.

10:06 PM  
Comment by Anonymous Anonymous:

Let me get this straight, Google either has or unintentionaly createed a problem with their advanced search engine and when I want an answer about how to resolve it they want $38.00 to give me the answer? What's wrong with this picture?
Here is the question I wanted to ask them "I have noticed a ghange lately in the appearence of google and it is very frusterating because it is hard to read. All of the text below " Find pages with... " and All of the text below "To do this in the search box" is too small. I've tried to change it but to no avail. Please help!I have four computers running either windows XP or VISTA."

4:29 PM  

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