Monday, January 10, 2005

Net experts believe a widespread attack on the Web is likely

A new report on a Pew Internet and American Life Project survey indicates a consensus that worse is to come.

"The Internet will fall victim to a `devastating attack' sometime in the next decade, and governments will use networked devices to increase their surveillance of individuals.
That sobering outlook came from a large panel of experts asked to peer into the future of the Internet."

"The nearly 1,300 Internet pioneers, academics and business leaders concluded that the Web will bring profound changes to the news business, education, families and creativity."

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Comment by Blogger Flamsmark:

its pretty hard to attack such a large distributed system as the internet. taking out specific bits is one thing but attacking the whole thing is like trying to boil the sea.

i have no doubt that big brother will get more and more 1984, especially when people accept sacrifices of freedom to protect against 'terrorism'.

1:25 PM  

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