Sunday, February 27, 2005

Pentagon Budget Blackmail

A Defense Tech posting notes:

"Give us more money, or our soldiers are going to go broke. That's the cynical game the Pentagon's leadership has been playing with the Army's budget in recent months. And now, it's crunch time.
Since the fall, Rumsfeld & Co. have been dipping into the Army's day-to-day funds -- like money for soldiers' paychecks -- and then daring Congress not to make up the difference with a second, 'supplemental' pile of cash. The tab comes due this Spring, Defense Daily reports. The Army needs its $41 billion slice of that supplemental kitty by then, or else it is going to go broke, without cash left to pay G.I.s. Already, the service has pulled forward some $11 billion in funds from the third and fourth quarters of its [fiscal year 2005] budget, a senior Army budget officer said at a briefing on Friday."



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