Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Emerging Scandal on MD Voting Machine Performance?

Although I have not yet seen this in the MSM (mainstream media) a press release posted by Scoop makes some pretty broad charges. I'm inclined to give it some credence, since it's cited by E-voting News and Analysis, from the Experts, which I generally trust.

"According to county election officials and other sources, all Maryland voting machines have been on 'lockdown' since November 2, 2004 due to statewide machine failures including 12% of machines in Montgomery County, some of which appear to have lost votes in significant numbers. The State Board of Elections convinced the media that Election Day went smoothly, when in fact there were serious statewide, systemic problems with the Diebold electronic voting machines -- so serious that the SBE and Diebold still have not figured out how to prevent the loss of votes in the future."

" 'Election Day was anything but smooth. Votes were lost, computer cards storing votes were unreadable, thousands of error messages were reported, machines froze in mid-voting and machines refused to boot up. The problems with the machines were so widespread and serious that efforts to hide the problems have failed,' said Linda Schade, director of TrueVoteMD.org. 'It is not sufficient for Diebold and the SBE to investigate themselves. They have misled the public about this problem and an independent investigation is needed.' "

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Comment by Blogger Jim Horning:

Partial confirmation, and some contrary opinions, in an article in the Maryland Gazette.

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