Thursday, March 03, 2005

Just when I thought I could trust my bank

A Computerworld story warns that Wells Fargo has completed a project to Web-enable its ATMs using Windows and tightly integrate its back-end systems. Changing banks probably won't help, they all seem to have the idea.

"Wells Fargo and Co. announced this week that it has completed a five-year project to Web-enable its 6,200 ATMs in 23 states. The Windows-based infrastructure is designed to allow Wells Fargo to update and add services such as new languages and envelope-free deposits to its entire network remotely. The San Francisco-based bank said it also installed more than 3,000 online stations in nearly all of its 6,046 branch locations. The WebATM machines and online stations are part of the company's strategy to integrate all channels -- stores, phone, ATM and Internet. Jonathan Velline, head of Wells Fargo's ATM Banking, said the biggest challenge was the amount of internal software development needed to migrate the bank's ATM back-end systems operating system from OS/2 to Windows. Another hurdle was tightly integrating the ATM back-end systems with other business units, such as branch and online banking."

"Avivah Litan, an analyst at Gartner Inc., in Stamford, Conn., said ATM fraud will likely pick up because of the move by most banks to Web-enabled systems, 'because of the combination of stealing ATM numbers online and creating counterfeit ATM cards to use off-line.' Litan also said the move to Windows-based systems is 'not great news for the security of the system. I'm sure there's a lot of holes that will be created because of this.' "

"According to research by TowerGroup, only 30% of the world's ATMs will be running on Windows by 2006."

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