Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Schneier on Educating Users

Great blog post by Bruce Schneier. Here are some excerpts, which will hopefully convince you to read the whole thing:

I don't see a failure of education; I see a failure of technology...

The real problem is that computers don't work well. The industry has convinced everyone that people need a computer to survive, and at the same time it's made computers so complicated that only an expert can maintain them.

If I try to repair my home heating system, I'm likely to break all sorts of safety rules. I have no experience in that sort of thing, and honestly, there's no point in trying to educate me. But the heating system works fine without my having to learn anything about it. I know how to set my thermostat and to call a professional if anything goes wrong...

I say we stop punishing people for failures of technology, and demand that computer companies market secure hardware and software.

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