Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The Alice and Bob After Dinner Speech

Thanks to Brian Randell for pointing me to this speech by John Gordon.

It contains fascinating inferences about the private lives of Alice and Bob, based on what has been published about them in papers on coding theory, but goes on to other fascinating topics, including one of the best versions of the phonetic alphabet (actually, an abcedarian) that I've ever seen:

A for 'Orses
B for Mutton
C for Yourself
D for Mation
E for Brick
F for Vescence
G for Police
H for Consent
I for Lutin
J for Orange
K for Teria
L for Leather
M for Sis
N for Mation
O for A Muse of Fire
P for Ate
Q for A Song
[R seems to have been omitted, maybe R for Mo?]
S for Something Else
T for Two
U for Mism
V for La France
W for Mism
X for Breakfast
Y for Lover
Z for Yourself
[better Z for Breeze to avoid the repetition with C?]

Edited to add: For explanations of any of these you find cryptic, plus a wide selection of alternatives, click here.

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