Thursday, August 31, 2006

Global Warming is
faster than predicted

BBC News has an article by Roger Harrabin based on a broadcast interview with Prof. John Holdren, the new president of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (which is scarcely a radical or alarmist organization).
"The climate [is] changing much faster than predicted.

"We are not talking anymore about what climate models say might happen in the future.

"We are experiencing dangerous human disruption of the global climate and we're going to experience more...

"We are not starting to address climate change with the technology we have in hand, and we are not accelerating our investment in energy technology research and development..."

In order to make any progress, funding for climate technology need[s] to multiply by three or four times...

If the US administration agreed that there was a need to limit CO2, this would inevitably lead to mandatory caps. President Bush has already rejected that option.

For more than a year, the BBC has invited the US government to give its view on safe levels of CO2. Our request is repeatedly passed between the White House office of the Council on Environmental Quality and the office of the US chief scientist.

To date, we have received no response to questions on this issue that Tony Blair calls the most important in the world. Professor Holdren called on the US Government to back the UK position.
"What, me worry?"

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