Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I've been "sold" again.

Three years ago, I was preparing for the announced sale of McAfee Research to SPARTA, Inc. Today, Cobham plc announced an agreement to buy SPARTA, Inc., for $416 million in cash. SPARTA's board has recommended acceptance of the agreement by SPARTA's employee-shareholders. Subject to regulatory approvals and a shareholder vote, the transaction should close in April or May, and SPARTA will become a fully-owned subsidiary of Cobham.

I had no previous knowledge of Cobham, and have no inside information on their goals and plans for SPARTA, beyond what's in their announcement. I don't expect substantial changes in the short term.



Comment by Blogger rog:

Fascinating that Sparta is being bought by a foreign company, and just as amazing that I happen to be at an IPSR (international program security requirements) training course about how the DoD arranges to acquire defense work from foreign-owned companies.

I'm still happy I got out of Sparta when I did. Best of luck to you and the rest of ISSO through this.


5:08 PM  
Comment by Blogger Andy Hanson:

Well, Jim,
I don't make much money, but CSU Chico hasn't been sold to some foreign investors. Love to you and Jane, Andy

5:44 PM  

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