Tuesday, September 05, 2006

We will all fry together...

A press release from the British Antarctic Survey discusses evidence from an 800,000-year Antarctic ice core record shows unprecedented atmospheric change due to carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases.
Ice cores reveal the Earth's natural climate rhythm over the last 800,000 years. When carbon dioxide changed there was always an accompanying climate change. Over the last 200 years human activity has increased carbon dioxide to well outside the natural range and we have no analogue for what will happen next.
According to the Environmental News Service report
The 3.2 kilometer East Antarctica ice core is the deepest ever removed... The core shows that there have been eight cycles of atmospheric change in that time frame when levels of carbon dioxide and methane, another greenhouse gas, peaked - and each has been accompanied by warming in the climate.

But the current peak levels are far above anything seen in past cycle and the rate of change is alarming, the scientists said...

Levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide have jumped 35 percent in the past two centuries and are rising at an unprecedented rate.

Carbon dioxide levels have risen 30 ppm in the past 17 years - an increase that used to take 1,000 years.

Furthermore, methane had never tipped 750 parts per billion (ppb), but is now 1,780 ppb...



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